Larger Homes in The Fan Curator: Kelly Blanchard

One of the most sought-after neighborhoods in the City of Richmond. Though the Fan features a wide variety of home sizes, here are some homes currently available for those looking for a bit more elbow room. Walkability and charm draw many homeowners to this area of town.

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Bon Air Living

Founded in the late 1870s by a group of Civil War veterans, Bon Air was upper-class Richmond's summer hideaway. Year-round residents built ornate Victorian cottages with floor-to-ceiling windows and sprawling porches. These houses still stand along the main roads in the historic district and bear the names of their original owners. Bon Air is a tight-knit community that's deeply invested in preserving its history. The Bon Air Historical Society holds an annual Victorian Day Festival and Parade each May. Curator: Shannon Harton

Bryan Park

Overlooking Richmond's beloved Bryan Park, this quaint, historic, neighborhood is full of charm. The city limits run right through the center of the park, so the neighborhoods proximity to the city is as close as you can get, while still residing in Henrico county. Architecturally made up of english tudors, cape cods, colonials, and ranch style homes, and centrally located, this is one of Richmond's most desirable areas. Curator: Karen Call

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