City Center Living Curator: Scott Andrews

Oregon Hill and Jackson Ward are normally two neighborhoods that people do not typically pair together, however our team has found that people looking for active neighborhoods, proud histories and great culinary attractions gravitate towards these two neighborhoods. Proximity to amazing restaurants and shotgun style Row homes dominate both of these landscapes along with a city center feel, these neighborhoods are great to get a true feel of what Richmond has to offer.

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Larger Homes in The Fan

One of the most sought-after neighborhoods in the City of Richmond. Though the Fan features a wide variety of home sizes, here are some homes currently available for those looking for a bit more elbow room. Walkability and charm draw many homeowners to this area of town. Curator: Kelly Blanchard


Want to live in one of the most desirable neighborhoods in the city Richmond? Look no further than beloved Bellevue. Historically planned to be one of Richmond's first street car suburbs, designed by Lewis Ginter & John Pope, and developed in the 1920's, this place is a true gem. Full of charm and character, it is architecturally made up of bungalows, american four squares, stately colonials, english tudors, and spanish colonial revival style homes. Bellevue is centrally located in the heart of Richmond, and offers a great balance of city & suburb. Curator: Karen Call

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