Eastern Hanover

A mix of rural areas and development, old and new. In Hanover Courthouse, you will find large farms, equestrian properties, and lumber operations, but head just a few miles to the southeast, and you’ll be in Mechanicsville, one of the fastest growing areas in the county.

Key Features

American History: America took shape right here in Hanover, Virginia. Battlefields, taverns, churches, and historic homes abound. If you're a history buff of either the American Revolution or the Civil War, Hanover has much to offer.

Farm to Table: Farmers markets abound with the fruits of Eastern Hanover farms. Most popular are the famous Hanover Tomatoes, which flourish in the Hanover soil under the gentle care of local farmers. The annual Hanover Tomato Festival in neighboring Mechanicsville draws in tens of thousands of visitors every summer. Photo credit: Peter Burka

Nest Picks

Hanover Tavern

Dine at one of the nation's very first taverns, then stay for a live performance by the Virginia Repertory Theatre. Performances include comedies, musicals, and the classics.

Historic Polegreen Church

Patrick Henry worshipped at Historic Polegreen Church, a center for the development of the American Revolutionary movement of the Great Awakening. An abstract interpretation of the church structure now stands, and now serves as an event space as well as a historic and educational site.

King's Dominion

An expansive theme park that has called Hanover home for more than 40 years! Featuring classic wooden roller coasters like the Grizzly and new G-force inducing rides like the Intimidator 305, King's Dominion has something for thrill seekers of all levels.

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