Lauryn Haynie Realtor

Avid equestrian, too many dogs, old house enthusiast...
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Fun Facts About Me

How many dogs are too many dogs?

We have three currently - a hyena cattle dog cross, James, a Boxer knock off named Lucy and a tripod Pitty named Dorey.

What are my favorite pastimes?

If I'm not binging absolute trash TV, I am either out trying new restaurants or out at the barn with the horses.

What is my favorite band?

Dawes, and I'm not ashamed. They tour constantly and I have traveled up and down the east coast to see them. Every. Time.

Renovating my home - worth it?

Definitely not one of my better ideas, but it's given me fantastic perspective on buying a fixer upper. 10/10 would do again.

What is my "happy place":

Hatteras Island with my family on a beautiful beach day or on my front porch at home watching the sun set over the pasture.

What is my most exciting adventure to date?

Definitely my 30th birthday when I bought a plane ticket and jumped on a solo trip to Paris without any planning.

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