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A native of greater Richmond, Brian entered the real estate world in order to help people accomplish their dreams of homeownership and assist them on their path to success. He's enjoyed meeting and working with inspiring people along the way and hasn't looked back.
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Fun Facts About Me

If you were stuck on a deserted island, what would be your must-haves?

My mountain bike, kite board, fishing gear and my dogs Cyrus & Ricky!

What is your happy place?

I am most happy on the water -- oceans, rivers, or ponds -- kayaking, rafting, fishing, kiteboarding or surfing.

What is the greatest lesson you have learned in life?

Do what fulfills you. Life's short; do something you love. Time is your most valuable asset.

What is your most exciting adventure to date?

Three weeks eating and drinking our way through NYC, then Copenhagen, and the southern coast of Spain, all the way to the Rock of Gibraltar.

What do you do in my spare time?

You'll find me on the mountain bike trails throughout the area. I have been biking for years but became obsessed with mountain biking last year.

What was your first car?

A 1982 tank-green Volkswagon Jetta. It was stick shift and a diesel. 40mpg and tough as nails. So many great times in that car!

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