Buckeye, the fastest growing city in the United States, embraces its western heritage and serves with pride as the gateway to the Valley of the Sun.

Key Features

Historic Western Charm: Originally settled in 1877 at the height of America’s westward expansion, Buckeye retains much of its historic charm.

Rural with Growth: Though more removed from Downtown Phoenix than many other suburbs, Buckeye is hardly stagnant. As the city continues to develop, more and more people are drawn to this combination of rural living and urban conveniences.

Nest Picks


Imagine flying above the desert, high over the majestic mountains. Skydive Buckeye provides thrill seekers with the rush they crave and dazzling panoramic views.

Spot a Petroglyph in the White Tank Mountains

Hike the Waterfall Canyon Trail in White Tank Mountain Regional Park to come face to face with history at Petroglyph Plaza. Some of the petroglyphs in these hills, ancient images made in the rocks, have witnessed thousands of years of human history.

Boot Scoot Boogie during Buckeye Days

Break out the cowboy boots and ten-gallon hat and enjoy Buckeye Days, a celebration of Buckeye’s western heritage. With a cattle drive through town, a rodeo, and steaks galore, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time to the glory days of the Wild West.

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