Avondale is a great community for people who want to strike a balance between living, working, and playing.

Key Features

New Kid on the Block: Avondale is growing, with new subdivisions currently being built. There’s plenty of room for folks looking to make Avondale their new home—and do it in a new house.

Opportunities Abound: This is a business-friendly community, so if you have a great idea and need a place to make it come to life, you’re in the right place!

Nest Picks

Phoenix Raceway

Live the excitement of the race at Phoenix Raceway, the area’s home for NASCAR. Come out to the raceway and feel the thunder!

Go Birding

The Baseline and Meridian Wildlife Area is a fantastic spot to catch a glimpse of some new feathered friends. Never heard of a Clapper Rail or a Least Bittern? Here’s your chance to see them for yourself.

Celebrate Billy Moore Days

Billy Moore, the entrepreneurial founder of what is now Avondale, personifies the city in this annual celebration of everything that Avondale residents love about their home. Join in the fun of the parade, pie eating contest, and more!

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