Stafford County enjoys beautiful farmettes sprinkled among suburbia. With borders of the Rappahannock River and Quantico Marine Base, Stafford County is the last bedroom community for Washington DC.

Key Features

Suburban Development in Scenic Setting: Suburban development and residential neighborhoods are prominent throughout Stafford, but the beauty of the countryside is not absent. There are still scenic places where one can retreat.

Commuting Proximity to Washington, D.C.: Stafford offers more affordable homes than Washington, D.C., but a manageable commute keeps jobs in Washington, D.C. and Northern Virginia feasible. The area has become a popular commuter community in recent years.

Disc golf, anyone?

Pratt Park is the perfect destination for any outdoor activity as it offers tennis, soccer fields, a one mile track, playgrounds, and picnic areas. Veer off the track and you'll find a great trail through the woods for a game of disc golf.

Nest Picks

Crow's Nest Natural Area Preserve

Crow's Nest is a spawning, nursery, and feeding habitat for 49 species of fish, mussels, and shellfish, plus nesting bald eagles.

Amy's Cafe

Amy's Cafe offers a relaxing atmosphere, local crabs, and the best bands in the area, just steps from the Rappahannock River.

Lavender Heights Bed & Breakfast

An adorable bed & breakfast located in little known Falmouth where the inn keepers embody Fredericksburg hospitality at its finest.

All Stafford Neighborhoods

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