King GeorgeCounty

With historic ties to the United States Navy, King George has experienced very little urban development of the years. Offering ample space and relaxed living, King George let's you enjoy the quiet, bucolic surroundings.

Key Features

Scenic Countryside: King George features acres of sprawling countryside and miles of shoreline along the Rappahannock and Potomac Rivers.

Room to Roam: The expansive countryside of King George provides ample acreage. Large lots and farm estates are not uncommon here.

Twilight Canoeing

Caledon State Park is a hidden gem, but is a really wonderful place to take a break. Take a twilight canoe ride to take in the incredible sights and sounds of this magical place.

Kristie Walker

Nest Picks

Rick's on the River

Great food, live music, friendly people and beautiful Sunsets. Big Mike's fried shrimp is a must order.

Dahlgren Railroad Heritage Trail

Currently a private recreational use trail, but will soon be open to public. In the mean time, getting a Trail Use Permit is very easy.

Mary's Cakery and Candy Kitchen

If you just MUST have chocolate, you will not be disappointed with any of these treats, boxed chocolates, truffles, chocolate-covered potato chips and fudge.

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