North Asheville

North Asheville features diverse architecture, tree-lined streets, and close proximity to the Asheville Country Club, the Grove Park Inn, Beaver Lake, and UNC-Asheville. Housing options range from starter ranch homes to multi-million dollar estates.

Key Features

UNC-Asheville: Living in a college town offers lifelong learning opportunities, access to sporting events, and a high level of culture and excitement for residents of all ages.

Historic Housing: This is a region rich in history; luxurious Victorian era architecture fills the landscape.

Avenue M

North Asheville's very own "Cheers," where an eclectic, affordable menu, creative cocktails, and inviting covered patio make everyone feel welcome. The spot formerly known as Usual Suspects is also one of our city's go-to weekend brunch destinations.

Nest Picks


We’ll never cook another turkey again—they have the most delicious smoked turkey on the planet! The barbecue and beers are great.

Asheville Brewing and Movies

A great spot for family date night. 3-D Movies, pizza, and vintage arcade games. Hours of fun!

Grove Park Inn

Bring your best girlfriends and live in luxury—for a day! Sip white wine in a warm mineral pool, then finish the day with dinner on the sunset terrace.

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